Texas Humane Heroes’ Clinic Department is getting some work done! We received over $20,000 in funding from donors, matched Dell donations, PetSmart Charities, and the David W. Leonard Fund and Georgia B. Lucas Foundation at Austin Community Foundation. This funding is being utilized to update the organization’s clinic department, including purchasing new surgical equipment and replacing an isolation building to house sick animals. The clinic department plays a vital role in the organization’s life saving mission while also helping maintain a healthy pet population in the community.

PetSmart Charities funded $11,500 to update surgical equipment used to perform spay and neuter surgeries for the organization’s adoptable pets, as well as community member’s current pets. Some of the supplies purchased include a new surgical table and an autoclave used to sanitize surgical instruments.

“Receiving this grant is crucial to our mission,” explains our Clinic Manager, Jessica McCoy. “Not only do we spay and neuter our adoptable pets, but many community members rely on us to help reduce the financial stress pet ownership can come with. We can now update much of the equipment used in our clinic to better serve our community and keep pets out of shelter environments.

TXHH's Clinic Department Receives a Face Lift

Instruments and tools aren’t the only thing shiny and new at the adoption center! TXHH’s Board of Directors Secretary, Mary Ward, fundraised and had her donations matched through Dell to replace an isolation building for sick animals. The David W. Leonard Fund and Georgia B. Lucas Foundation Fund at Austin Community Foundation funded the remaining balance for us to purchase a new building!

“For the wellbeing of the animals, it’s vital to have a separate building to reduce the spread of ringworm and parvovirus,” says McCoy. “We are grateful to have received this support to continuously improve our standards of care.”

We are so excited for these updates to better serve the animals and our community members. Keep an eye out for social media when we announce the ribbon cutting!

TXHH's Isolation Building Receives a Face Lift!