Coach Emory Bellard Memorial Fund

The Emory Bellard Memorial Fund exists to honor long-time Texas Humane Heroes friend and supporter Emory Bellard. Emory and his wife Susan not only had a great love of football, but also a great love of animals.

“No more homeless pets” is the objective of the Emory Bellard Memorial Giving program. Funds received help ensure Texas Humane Heroes’ readiness to respond to exceptional and emergency situations, such as:

    • Animal Hoarding Situations: Texas Humane Heroes helps assess and provide medical attention to animals rescued from hoarding situations in order to prepare them for adoption.
    • Animal Abuse Situations: Texas Humane Heroes provides necessary medical care, behavioral therapy, and preparation for adoption to animals that have been severely abused.
    • Emergency Evacuations: Texas Humane Heroes provides animals with temporary shelter when severe weather or other natural disasters strike our community.
    • Facility Emergencies: When vital equipment fails, Texas Humane Heroes must repair or replace the equipment needed to care for shelter animals and maintain operations.
    • Other unplanned emergencies as they arise.

Monies raised above and beyond what is needed for the Emory Bellard Memorial Fund will be used for help other pets cared for by Texas Humane Heroes.

Emory Ballard Memorial Fund Donation Form