HERO Adoption Programsm

The HERO Adoption Programsm is designed to build a No Kill community by ensuring high volume adoptions of homeless pets.

Our  HERO Adoption Programsm consists of the following:

  • Home: When a pet is in a loving home, safe and secure with basic needs met and part of a family.

  • Excluded: A homeless animal is  excluded from society, from her family, and from having her basic needs met. She may have been part of an unwanted litter because of lack of spay/neuter, ended up stray without identification and micro-chip, or her owner surrendered her to a shelter for whatever reason.

  • Respite: Hopefully the abandoned animal achieves a temporary respite when taken in by local animal control. But she is not out of danger, due to overcrowding she may be killed for space. She needs time and help.

  • Opportunity: TXHH rescues animals like her that are in temporary respite. But the job doesn’t stop there, we have to find her a family. A forever family. Using marketing expertise, TXHH reaches out to the community and creates opportunities to find the right home.

Over 95% of dogs and cats rescued by TXHH come from overcrowded surrounding municipal shelters that kill for space.

The HERO Adoption Programsm takes effort. This includes medical care, spay/neutering (to avoid future unwanted litters), vaccinations, care and feeding for an average of 45 days while Texas Humane Heroes finds a forever home for the animal in need.  Texas Humane Heroes ensures all adopted animals are spay/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Texas Humane Heroes receives no government funding. TXHH is 100% funded by donations, grants, and modest fees for services.

Additionally, to help stop pet homelessness at the source and to make pet ownership more affordable to aid pet retention, TXHH offers a public low cost clinic that includes low-cost spay/neuter services and monthly low-cost vaccination clinics and micro-chipping. All Texas Humane Heroes adoptable pets are microchipped.

  • In 2013, Texas Humane Heroes won Best in its Division in the national ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge. By finding forever families for 1,001 homeless dogs and cats throughout the summer of 2013, Texas Humane Heroes placed in the top ten nationally.
    2013 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100k Challenge Final Leaderboard
  • Due to an increase in awareness of the number of homeless animals falling victim to space-related killing in local municipal shelters, the public is responding with pointed leads and assistance in ending the over-breeding of dogs throughout our community. Texas Humane Heroes has participated in numerous “backyard” breeder closures and assisted animals in need resulting from hoarding situations.