Ready Fur Love: Scully’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love


September 2, 2017

My name is Scully,

I’m pretty cool. And by pretty cool, I mean really cool. I’m 7 years old making me the perfect, mature age. Despite my mature age, that doesn’t mean I want to stay inside and be lazy all day. Nope, I’m active all the way through my core. I love to go on walks or play in the backyard. One thing about me is I love to play Frisbee. I would make a fantastic disc dog and I think you and I would have a lot of fun doing it together! The excitement of flying through the air and making that perfect catch is addicting, I could do it all day. I also love my toys. I want all the toys in the world! My dream day is to wake up one morning to a box full of brand new toys that I can just dive into and have fun all day.

My ideal family is one who lives with an active lifestyle. Someone who likes to go on hikes over the weekend or just out for a morning run. I also am looking for a mature family. I can be a little shy so having a calmer environment during time spent inside would be my ideal home life. In my past homes, I used to live with a cat and two other dogs. I didn’t mind them because they didn’t play with my toys. I’m not a fan of having to share my toys.

I night and day dream about who my new family will be. Hopefully you are reading this letter right now and hurry to come get me. I have been waiting quite a while and all I want more than anything is to finally be with a family again. And maybe a new toy.