Available Cats

Off-Site Locations

Cat Adoption Process

  • Meet and fall in love with your future four-legged
    family member at one of our adoption centers
    or off-site locations.
  • All household members must be in agreement on adopting a pet. We encourage all household members
    to meet the pet prior to adoption.
  • If all household members are in agreement, an application is filled out by the potential adopter.
  • The application and counseling process take approximately 45 minutes and your new furry family member goes home with you right away!
  • All cats must leave in a cat carrier, so bring one with
    you or you can purchase one here for $10.

Cat Adoption Requirements

When you adopt a pet, Texas Humane Heroes requires that you:

  • Keep cats inside at all times.
  • Do not declaw the cat.
  • Provide your pet with annual veterinarian visits.
  • Provide recommended vaccinations by your veterinarian and as required by law.
  • Provide your pet with veterinary care when sick or injured.
  • Return the animal to Texas Humane Heroes if the pet does not work out-The pet may be returned anytime within 30 days from adoption. If after 30 days, an appointment must be made, and a $100 surrender fee is required.
  • Cannot adopt the pet out as a gift.