Why are vaccinations important?

By vaccinating your pet, you help protect your furry friend from various diseases including rabies, distemper, parvovirus, infectious hepatitis, bordetella, feline leukemia, and more. Vaccinating your pets annually helps lessen the spread of infectious diseases throughout pet populations.

Vaccination Clinic Service Fees | Dogs

Our Low-Cost Vaccination Clinic also offers low cost Heartworm Testing and Heartworm preventative for dogs.

Rabies vaccination (annual) $15
DAPPv (annual, does not cover lepto) $15
Bordatella (6 months, optional) $15
Heartworm test (annual if on monthly preventative) $25
Microchip (includes registration) $25

Effitix Plus Flea and Tick Preventative | 3-Month Supply

All sizes $40

Iverhart Max Heartworm Preventative
(6-month supply)*

Toy 6-12 lbs $35
Small 12.1-25 lbs $37
Medium 25.1-50 lbs $43
Large 50.1-100 lbs $51

*Purchase Iverhart in a 6 month or year supply with
a negative result HW test from our clinic.

Vaccination Clinic Service Fees | Cats

Our Low-Cost Vaccination Clinic also offers low-cost Felv testing for cats.

Rabies vaccination (annual) $15
FVRCP VX (annual) $15
Felv VX (annual) $15
FeLV test (annual) $25
Microchip (includes registration) $25

Effipro Plus and Tick Preventative | 3-Month Supply

All sizes $40

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

*We ask that you not arrive more than thirty minutes prior to the clinic as there is no place for you to wait prior to the check-in time of 8:30am.


Remember all dogs MUST be on a leash and cats MUST be in separate carriers.


Please note: Texas Humane Heroes cannot accept feral or aggressive animals at the vaccination clinic. If your pet must be sedated in order to receive vaccines, we are unable to treat your pet. We apologize for any inconvenience.