Our New Leander Adoption Center

We are thrilled to announce that construction on our new facility in Leander is officially underway!

This new facility will benefit the animals currently in our care, but will also increase the amount of animals we’re able to save. It will also increase our capacity to provide clinic services, including spay/neutering and low-cost vaccinations for the community.

Additionally, this new expansion will best utilize the 22 acres of land that our Leander Adoption Center sits on. In addition to the increased space, we’ll have increased visibility, as well. Your support of this building helps ensure our ability to fulfill our mission to rescue homeless pets from overcrowded shelters across Texas for decades to come!

Find out how you can help get involved at the links below!

Saving More Cats

Currently, Texas Humane Heroes can house up to 73 healthy cats.

In our new Leander Adoption Center, we will be able to house up to 144 healthy cats. This will include 108 cat enclosures, 2 cat community rooms, and 2 outdoor catios.

Saving More Dogs

Currently, Texas Humane Heroes can currently house 45 healthy dogs.

In the new facility, we will be able to house up to 136 healthy dogs, and each kennel will have indoor/outdoor space to greatly increase quality of life.

Project Phases

This project will be completed in two phases. We have raised $4 million of the estimated $5.2 million needed for the first phase. Contact Rebecca Tait at rtait@txhh.org to find out how you can help us reach our goal.

Phase I- Projected Completion Date August 2023

  • Medical Clinic
  • Admin Building
  • Cat Houses

Phase II- Projected Completion Date To Be Determined

  • Dog Pods

Our clinic is currently 350 square feet and accommodates all animal operations, including 40 spay and neuter surgeries a day. The new facility will include a 4,000 square foot clinic for operations. This means more medical care for TXHH to continue its mission.

Currently, sick and high medical needs animals are housed with recent intakes. This makes the spread of disease more difficult to contain. The new facility will include a specific quarantine area for animals that are contagious and a risk to healthy animals.