Adopter: Donna

Adoptees: Crystal & Nancy

"I have a sweet rescue dog named Mary Poppins, and the two of us were living happily ever after, enjoying life together. I never considered having another pet in our home, since the two of us were best friends and life seemed rather perfect.

However, at the end of June 2019, I had a peculiar dream about 2 sister cats. In the dream, the 2 cats were in a kennel and they were crying and trying to get out. When I woke up, I thought what an unusual dream. A couple of days went by, and I kept thinking about the two sister cats in my dream. They were unusual looking kitties, and I decided to look on the Texas Humane Heroes webpage. I thought I would be able to stop thinking about my dream once I looked on their webpage and saw that they weren’t there. However, when I opened the webpage, there they were – two sister cats named Crystal and Nancy, and they looked identical to the kitties in my dream.

I contacted Texas Humane Heroes, and they told me that they were rescued from a hoarding home along with 34 other kitties. Someone previously tried to adopt them, but brought them back, and they had been at the shelter for almost 2 years. I knew in my heart that I was supposed to adopt Crystal and Nancy, so I drove out to the shelter. The kitties hissed when I tried to pet them, and I stepped back for a few minutes; but I knew in my heart that they belonged in our family. I couldn’t even touch the kitties before I adopted them, but now they are loving and sweet, and they fit perfectly into our family!

Everyone at the shelter was amazing, and my experience from start to finish was exceptionally positive. Crystal and Nancy are in their FURever home, and along with Mary Poppins, we are all living happily ever after! Three cheers for Texas Humane Heroes in Leander, Texas!"