How To Choose A Holiday Gift For Your Pet

How much do you love your pet? Do you spoil them at Christmas with all your other kids? If so, you’re probably already planning how to splurge on them this holiday season, so that your favorite furry friend will feel loved and appreciated. Just like with kids, however, finding the perfect gift can be tricky. How will you know what they’ll love… and what will get worn once and then tossed in the back of the closet to forget about forever?

If you’re ready to spoil your pet, look no further. We’ve got pet-approved suggestions to make this Christmas one to remember!

1. Dog (or cat!) sweaters

You can’t go wrong with a cute sweater for your pooch or kitty. They’re classics for a reason! Let your furry friend join in on the holiday festivities with a cozy Christmas sweater that will keep them warm, toasty, and totally adorable. If your fur baby just absolutely refuses to wear clothes, consider a Christmas collar. They cover much less surface area, and you can still get cute seasonal options that both you and your pet are sure to love.

(Got multiple pets? Consider matching outfits for cuteness overload.)

2. The Fetch Solution

If your dog is tireless when it comes to fetch, this toy could be a lifesaver for your throwing arm. An automatic launcher will toss balls up to 30 feet away, and it never gets tired or bored. Better yet, a dog that learns quickly will soon pick up that if he puts the ball back in the top, it’ll come out again. You’ll be free from sticky tennis balls and can sit back and relax. There are sizes for large and small dogs, so go check it out at!

3. Cat shelf: If it fits, I sits

If your kitty likes to check out the outside world, this window-facing cat shelf is just purr-fect. Cats love to look outside, and they love to be up high, and this removable and highly adjustable shelf kills two birds with one paw… er, stone. This neat window box will attach securely to any window in your home, and your cat will surely thank you!

4. Custom pet hair vacuum

This one is more for you than for them, but you and your pet can appreciate it together. Tired of pet hair and dust everywhere? We’ve got the solution you need. From messy accidents by the food dish to litterbox indiscretions to fur on the couch, this neat vacuum is highly versatile and will keep your home cleaner than it’s ever been.

5. Personalized food dishes

Okay, so maybe your pooch can’t read, but it’s the thought that counts, right? These durable bowls are stainless steel and fully customizable, whatever your pet’s name and color preferences may be. This Christmas, your furry friend will be able to dine like the king or queen they truly are. The only limit is your imagination! Check them out here.