Texas Humane Heroes, How We Help Pets in Need

Texas Humane Heroes isn’t your typical animal shelter, we have a special mission to help Texas animal shelters and animals in extreme situations like animal hoarding and natural disasters. Overcrowded shelters are a problem countrywide, that’s why we have made it our mission to find a home for Texas pets who are the most in need of help. Rescuing animals that are less likely to be adopted and giving them a longer opportunity to find a forever home is our main goal.

How Do We Help Other Texas Shelters?

Texas Humane Heroes takes animals from municipal shelters, some with save rates as low as 5%, and give them another opportunity to be loved. Municipal shelters are operated by the government, and usually have some form of animal control. These facilities are funded by tax dollars and most are legally required to take in all stray dogs while also opening their doors to surrendered pets and other animals in need. Overcrowding in animal shelters is a major problem for shelters nationwide, so we work to take some stress off of these shelters, as well as their volunteers and staff. We help by taking in pets from these shelters and giving them a another chance at Texas Humane Heroes.

Over the past couple of years, Texas has been hit hard with floods and extreme weather events that leave shelters in those areas scrambling to save the animals and get them out of harm’s way. They don’t often have the means or the manpower to do so alone, so our heroes head out all over the state to help ease their burden and find homes for some very deserving animals. In the same vein, when hoarding situations arise, Texas Human Heroes is on the scene to help rehome animals who need extra TLC.

What Makes Texas Humane Heroes Different?

We are committed to savings pets’ lives. That’s why we work as a no-kill shelter. This means that we try to enhance the life of any healthy or treatable animal. Giving them longer timeframes for adoption and medical care if necessary.

As a private humane society, we are independently owned and funded completely by donations. This allows us to establish our own policies, missions, and guidelines to maintain the homeless pet community as best we can.

Acting as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, we are 100% funded by donations, grants and the small service fees we collect during adoptions and procedures. Because of our charity and non-profit status, we don’t receive any funding from the local, state or federal government level.

How Can I Help with the Texas Humane Heroes Mission?


Of course, adopting animals is always a rewarding experience for the new owners as well as the shelter, but not everyone may be in the position to take home a pet or volunteer their time. If you are passionate about the lives of animals and are aligned with our mission, we have multiple donation funds that are a big help to the care of our rescues.

Providing the necessary care for one animal can already quickly tack on expenses, imagine providing for hundreds! Without the aid of government funding, Texas Humane Heroes relies on the generous donations of our community to keep everyone happy, healthy and fed. Donating to our General Donation fund can help with the basic upkeep of our animals.

It is often the case that animals arriving in our care are in need of medical attention. With our Abby Angel Fund, we can ensure that arriving animals receive a medical wellness check. Donations to this fund also help treat heartworm in dogs, puppies that have the Parvo-virus, animals that are experiencing demodectic mange and other conditions that may arise.

Being a no-kill shelter, we can spend around $200 an animal preparing them for adoption including daily care, vaccinations, microchips, tests and them getting spayed or neutered. Donating to our Emerald Fund can help us continue these lifesaving efforts.

Our objective for our Coach Emory Bellard Memorial Fund is “No more homeless pets.” This fund allows us to be ready to respond to emergency and exceptional situations. These donations come in handy with animal hoarding situations, emergency evacuations, animal abuse situations, facility emergencies and any other unplanned emergency that can arise.


We have a variety of volunteer roles that you can give time towards to help homeless pets find homes. From handling the animals to upkeeping organization and landscaping we love getting new volunteers!

Fostering animals provides temporary homes for puppies, kittens and pregnant or nursing pets. This opportunity can also be a great way to learn about animals and provide them with a home when they need it the most.

There are a number of supplies that are necessary to keep animals comfortable and healthy! We have lists of needed items and instructions on our website. Texas Humane Heroes also offers an Adopt-a-Kennel program, allowing individuals and companies the opportunity to ensure the well-being of our animals.

Last year we saved animals from over 42 shelters as well as helped over 2,700 animals in 2018 find their forever home. Donate today, whether time or money and become a hero to animals in need. For more information about our donation funds please click here.