A Foster Story

Please note that this post is for information purposes and doesn’t guarantee that these animals are still at the shelter. Please check the date of the post, and call the shelter for more information on any of the animals.

A heartwarming story from one of our wonderful fosters:

Our 10 year old daughter, Katelyn, recently got out of Dell Children’s Medical Center.  She was in for surgery, her 9th major surgery to be exact.  Among other things she has a urogenital sinus anomaly.  Which basically means she is one if a kind, something the doctors haven’t seen before.  The most enjoyable thing for Katelyn while she’s at the hospital is the pet therapy.  Dogs are brought in by their owners to visit.  There is something about that silent company that is very comforting for children, especially if they are recovering from something.  We started fostering as soon as we could after getting home.  Tink just happened to need a place to have her babies.  My daughter and this momma dog are the best medicine for each other.  They have a silent bond and that is something worth sharing with all the fosters and future fosters.  Thanks to the HSWC foster program for giving us some much needed pet therapy.

Tink & Katelyn:

Tink and Katelyn








Tink’s five puppies:










































These guys will eventually be up for adoption – Tink included! If you are interested in learning more about them, please email Lindsey Thompson at foster@hswc.net.