A Home for the Holidays!

Give the pups at our adoption centers the best holiday gift…a home!

Texas Humane Heroes is calling on the public to provide warm and loving homes for our canine residents from December 23rd through December 26th, 2014. If you participate in this program, you’ll actually be giving two gifts: one to the dog who gets to stay with you for the holidays, and one to the staff and volunteers who get to have more time with their families.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a canine resident to your family, this is a great time to see how a dog fits into your life. Or if you just have some time, love, and attenion to spare, you’ll certainly be bringing joy to a pup’s life this holiday season!

This will be the sixth year for the Texas Humane Heroes’ Home for the Holidays program, and so far each year has been more successful than the last.

Jennifer decided to participate in the Home for the Holidays program after meeting Lucky, who had been at the adoption center for 3 long years. “When my husband first saw him in the kennel at TXHH, he thought his spirit was gone,” Jennifer says — but she had spent time with him while volunteering and was sure that wasn’t true. Home for the Holidays gave her the chance to see how Lucky fit in with their family, especially their dog Amber. “He just wanted to be loved on and petted and I was happy to take him home and do just that.”

At the end of the program, she knew he was the dog for them! Jennifer and her family adopted Lucky, who she says is a cute love bug who loves to pull all of his toys out of his toy box and scatter them all over the living room. “I thought about changing his name,” she says, “but he knows that name and I figure it is finally fitting for him.”

Even if you aren’t looking to adopt a dog, opening your home to a pup over the holidays is a very special gift. Not only does it give the dog a break from the adoption center environment, but you can also help us build a profile of the dog that will help us find him or her the perfect forever family.

“This is a great program for anyone on the fence about adopting or for those that just want to help foster,” Jennifer says.

Be a Hero…open your home to a dog for the holidays!