Ready Fur Love: Duke’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Duke’s Dating Story


Meet Duke! Duke is a lovable fellow that was crowned Duke of Snuggles! He is a three year old chihuahua mix that loves to be held and hopes to find a family that is looking for the ultimate lap dog. He gets along with dogs of all ages and would really enjoy a playmate or at least some extra time at the dog park! He is quite the athlete and enjoys taking advantage of a warm, sunny day by running and playing!

His perfect day would be going to the dog park to meet new friends, taking a leisurely walk along river banks and stopping for a picnic, then ending the night on the couch watching a movie. Duke came in with his best friend; while his friend has already found his forever home, Duke is still waiting patiently to find his perfect fit. Who knows, he could be waiting for you. Meet Duke!



What are you hoping to get from your next relationship?

“I am really hoping to find a home that will love me forever. Someone I can have lots of fun with! I enjoy playing in the yard and socializing with other pets. I hope to find someone as social as I am, that way we can go on hikes and to parks! I also hope to have those days where we lounge around on the couch watching tv and eating snacks. What will really let me know if I have found THE ONE is if they have the perfect lap. That’s the best seat in the house and my new family must have an open lap policy.”


What are your best qualities?

“I think my ears are my best quality. I am told they are rather large but add character. If that’s true, then my big personality and my big ears send me off the charts! I MUST be a winner! I also think that I am the Romeo of the dog world. I know I can sweep you off your feet with my charming, playful ways.”


What’s your biggest motivation?

“Knowing that there is a family out there that will love me forever. I saw my best friend find his forever home so I know I can also. Putting on my cutest smile and just being the best dog there is will get me my forever home.”