Ready Fur Love: Ariel’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Ariel’s Dating Story

Meet Ariel! Ariel is a sweet girl with a gentle face. She loves being outdoors and enjoys smelling new things and going new places. She would make a great hiking or walking buddy for a new family as she doesn’t pull on a leash. Too hard, anyways. She has a calm demeanor and isn’t overbearing when she wants to play. While she loves human companionship, Ariel would prefer to be the only pet in your home. She is very calm and loving in nature with a go-with-the-flow attitude.

Being part hound, you will frequently find Ariel with her nose to the ground picking up new scents. She also has the hound goofiness. She may not show it very often, but sometimes she gets so excited and just can’t hide it! She likes to gallop through the grass and feel the wind in her face–the feeling of freedom! If she is really excited, she may even do a whole-hearted, yet poorly executed, attempt at a backflip which is sure to provide some comic relief in your life. Ariel would make a great addition to many types of families. All she needs is for someone to  that look into her soulful eyes and see how much love she has to give you. Meet Ariel!

How do you like to spend your Saturdays?

“I really enjoy being outside when the weather is nice and warm. Having a breeze blowing my ears back and the sun warming my fur is the best feeling. I also really like exploring new areas. The people at TXHH say there is some hound in me, which explains my love for sniffing. Taking a nice hike in a cool area sounds like the best way to spend a Saturday.”

How would you describe yourself?

I feel my two breeds are very apparent in my personality. While part of my Staffordshire side is very loving and wanting to lay with my human and get a good belly rub, the hound and other side of the Staffordshire also make me very independent. I am okay having some alone time or being in the backyard exploring by myself. I like to think I’m an even balance between the two. I was told there’s a human-fish with red hair that was independent but was still wanted to be loved, I guess they picked a good person to name me after cause that sounds a lot like me!

What is your favorite food?

“Pupperoni! I love them! Time stops and love songs play when someone gives me a Pupperoni.