Ready Fur Love: Miss Kitty’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Miss Kitty’s Dating Story

Are you looking for a shy girl? One who likes to play hard to get and acts coy? Miss Kitty might be just what you are looking for in a lady. Like a true Southern Belle, she is very polite and easy on the eyes. While you may want to rush in and swoop her into your arms, but Miss Kitty is old fashioned and is looking to take things slow. Her ideal family is one that enjoys the small, finer things in life such as reading a good book in bed or sipping sweet tea in front of a sunny window.

Miss Kitty has made great strides from where she use to be with strangers. Where she use to hide, she now greets visitors openly in hopes of a soothing pet or tail scratch. With those she is most comfortable with, she will even play games and lay on her side for a belly rub. Even though she is still getting use to human companionship, she has always had many feline friends and looks to them for confirmation that humans aren’t so bad. Seeing someone pet another cat puts her nerves at ease and she bravely goes in for some love herself. Are you looking to take things slow and show a girl how she really deserves to be treated? Then Miss Kitty is ready to meet you! Meet Miss Kitty!


What is the best gift you have ever received?

I have been given some of the softest places to sleep and I love them so much! I true lady only deserves the softest, finest things in life and luckily I have been given such. I really hope I continue to receive such luxury items from my future family, they make me feel safe and relaxed.


What are your best qualities?

I know I am on the shy side, but I am still a very special girl! I am playful and friendly with those I meet. When some people think I am shy and skiddish, I think I am polite and willing to know you who are as a person instead of rushing into things and having it not work out for both of us.


What is your New Year’s Resolution?

My goal for 2016 is to meet more people and become a little more outgoing. I have made such great progress and hope to keep that momentum going! I also have a goal to find the perfect family. If I meet the perfect family then the other goal is sure to happen. I look forward to meeting you soon.