Ready Fur Love: Tundra’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Tundra’s Dating Story



Can you believe we are just one month away from being halfway done with the year? We continue our trek across Texas, celebrating festivals and saving at-risk animals. This month we are heading east to celebrate Carnival Houston! This Brazilian themed festival will have you doing the Samba in no time! We are super excited to take this journey with you and continue to save more lives across Texas! This week we have one handsome boy that is sure to make everyday together full of excitement! If you think the boy with the best looks couldn’t possible have a brain, then think again.


Are you tired of meeting someone who can’t hold a conversation? Are topics usually shallow and not thought provoking? Sounds like you could use someone with a brain! What about a handsome boy, with thick, flowing hair? One that has a brain and knows how to use it? Tundra is a handsome boy and is looking for someone who’s into physical activity as well as mental. With hiking and camping season coming up, Tundra’s ideal family would be someone who likes to go for runs and get in touch with nature, but also stay in and play food puzzles during the wet seasons. Are you ready to add some culture to your life? Meet Tundra!


Describe your perfect family.

“My perfect family has multiple people in it. It would be great if someone was home all the time. I can get very scared and stressed when left home alone. I just need to be reminded that I am home for good! My perfect family would also be very active. Playing outside, going on walks, playing games all will hopefully be part of our everyday. I love staying in shape and keeping my mind just as sharp. I’m super intelligent and would really benefit from playing with puzzles, so maybe that’s something we can do together! I do prefer older humans, the small ones just can’t play on my level. I also really like the ladies, so if you have another excitable, female pooch in the house, I am your guy to bring home.”


Describe your biggest motivation.

“My biggest motivation is knowing there is someone just like me out there that is looking for the dog version of himself (or herself). I am smart, playful, and ridiculously good-looking. How can anyone say no to that? Just like they are looking for me, I am looking for them. I know they are out there and I’m not going to give up.


What is your motto of life?

“‘A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.’ Intelligence is sexy. period.”