Ready Fur Love: Admiral’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Admiral’s Dating Story



The weather is hot and the rain has let up…for now. Time to hit the beach! And who better to navigate the great open sea than Admiral? Admiral is a fun and loving cat that is looking for his Captain! Admiral is a very social guy and will happily greet you the second you walk in the door. His purr motor is always running and he looks for adventure around every corner. He’s as playful as he is loving and is just looking for someone that has the same spunk level as he does!


While humans are his true love and his favorite playmate, he would also be happy with another cat just as frisky and fearless as he is, or possibly even a playful pooch! Either way, Admiral is exactly what you need to start your summer off on the right foot in the sand and the best part is there’s no adoption fee! Admiral is just the buried treasure you’ve been looking for so sit tight and hear all he has to offer. Meet Admiral!


How do you like to spend your summers?

I like to spend my summers on the open seas. Let me clarify, on the open sea. Safe. Dry. On a boat preferably. Not IN the open seas. I like to sail and feel the sea air blow through my fur while watching the fish and dolphins swim by. We can fish and try to catch the biggest trophy fish the Gulf of Mexico has to offer. Then at night, we can lay out and look up at the stars. Of course, if boats aren’t an option, we can always hangout at home and snack on some cool treats.



What are your best qualities?

I am pint-sized fun looking for a good time! I always know how to put a smile on everyone’s face. Playtime with me will make the hours go by in a blink. I am also very loving, a true charmer. I love to give and receive lots of pets and nuzzles. There is so much I have to offer a single person or a whole individual, I’m just waiting for someone to come see what it is!


What’s your biggest motivation?

My biggest motivation is knowing there are plenty of fish in the sea! I have seen lots of cats and kittens find their forever home. I can be jealous, what will that do? They are my friends so I am happy that they found their fish. Obviously their fish wasn’t my fish, so I will just keep waiting until they come, which shouldn’t be long since my adoption fee is waived this month!