Ready Fur Love:Kate Winslet’s Dating Story

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Well Kate Winslet wears hers around her neck! But she does tend to drop it in oceans on occasion. Kate is a beautiful girl who is interested in taking things slow and finding someone who respects her for the lady she is. She is a very independent girl who enjoys the company of others but still knows that she can take care of herself.  Her favorite pastime is hanging out with her besties poolside soaking up the Vitamin D. She is hoping that her next home is as relaxed and chill as she is. She isn’t looking for a needy and clingy relationship, but one that has confidence and trust knowing she is happy being with you. If you’re an Independent woman, then through your hands up at her ‘cause she is ready to meet you! Meet Kate Winslet!


I am a very strong and confident girl but I also tend to lean more towards the Type B personality than the A. I enjoy going after what I want but I also know how to relax and enjoy the ride. I like spending time taking naps in the warm sun and eating snacks. Paw painting is something I would like to start doing. Perhaps that’s something we can do together!


What do you think the best way of getting to know someone is?

The best way of getting to know someone is having great conversation. Nothing needs to be too fast and having less distraction is best. It’s better to make sure we have a lot in common before rushing into things. I am looking for a relaxed home so if I were to rush into a relationship with a person or family that’s always on the go, I don’t think that would work. Getting to know someone in the beginning makes the rest of the relationship nice and easy.


What’s your favorite song?

A lot of people think my favorite song is the one from the movie about the boat, but really my favorite song is ‘Independent Women’. It describes me purrfectly!