Ready Fur Love: Hugo’s Dating Story

Are you into older guys? Ones that have life figured out and don’t play games? This week’s bachelor is a hip guy that is wise and a certified life-liver! Hugo lives up to his name. He is a big boy with an even bigger heart. At seven years old, he wasn’t expecting to be single again, but he’s got such a positive outlook on life that he’s just gonna keep on smilin’ because he knows his perfect family is coming for him as fast as they can.


Hugo loves to play outside and feel the warm sun on his coat. He is always down to hang with some of his friends but isn’t into the wild party scene. He’s been there and done that and is now just looking to enjoy the beauty life has to offer at a more leisurely pace. This mature guy is ready to meet a mature family who is down for the laid back lifestyle. Does that sound like the right life for you? Meet Hugo!


How do you like to spend your Saturdays?

I like spending my Saturdays with good food, good people, and a relaxed atmosphere. I love throwing barbeques with my friends, throwing some burgers and hotdogs on the grill and hanging by the pool or playing some games. When night comes, that’s the best time to sit next to a bonfire and tell funny stories and create some memories. It’s fun to have these gatherings in the back yard, but I think the beach just adds an extra touch. Nothing like the smell of salt air.


Describe your perfect date.

I like my dates to be personal with some one on one time. We can start of at the farmer’s marketing picking up so tasty treats or packing a picnic and enjoying a local park. I would finish it off with a good snuggle on the couch watching a movie. I prefer comedies but we can watch whatever you’d like.


What are your best traits?

The best thing about me is my age. I am smart and don’t need as much training as a puppy does. I still love to play but you don’t have to worry about me running everywhere and knocking you, or anyone else in the family, over. I’m jovial mature and have left those adolescent years behind me. If you are wanting to skip the stress of life and enjoy the wonder years, then I am the perfect match for you.