Duke’s Third Time was the Charm!

Duke's Third Time was the Charm

“Third time’s the charm” is a very common expression. While some people hope their third attempt is perfecting a new trick or maybe even a family recipe, Duke hoped his lucky third adoption would be his forever home. Sure enough, it was.

Duke came into our adoption program back in May of 2017. He won the hearts of many staff, volunteers, and even potential adopters, but because of his robust 73 pounds and high energy, he was passed over. It wasn’t until our Rescue Roundup this part March where he captured the attention and heart of John, or as Duke now knows him, Dad.

Dukes Third Time was the Charm!“What made me fall for Duke was the fact that he was a hound dog and knowing he needed a loving dad who understood large breeds and hunting dogs. Well, and his face.”

After not being able to get Duke out of his mind, he came back a few days later to sign the paperwork and make it Facebook official.

Duke is now living the high life with his dad who says Duke’s adjusting well to his new home. They still take it day by day in learning expected doggy behavior but that’s to be expected for a rescue pet, especially being in the shelter environment for an extended period of time.

“He continues to learn new things like that he has to have his big paws cleaned before entering the house if he plays when it’s raining or muddy, so he will sit while you clean each paw. As far as the squirrels in the back, well they are having the bigger adjustment!”

Some of Duke’s favorite activities to do with his dad are go on car rides where he can let his ears fly in the wind, play a good game of tug-of-war or fetch, and most of all, go on walks where he can put his infamous sniffing skills to work.  

When the day is done and all the fun to be had has been, he is ready to climb under the blankets (literally) and snuggle up close with dad.

While the wait may have been long, the end result was definitely worth the wait. Now, Duke can spend his days embracing life alongside his dad. Third time was definitely the charm.

Congrats Duke & John!