Warning: Graphic medical content


Bliss was hours away from being put down when our team was contacted about saving her life. Like many animals in shelters with unknown medical conditions, Bliss was at the top of the euthanasia list. Our team raced to San Antonio to pick her up and bring her to our Leander Adoption Center.


Upon her arrival, our Medical Director, Dr. Lara Kemerling, and our Director of Medical Service, Brie Brehm, assessed her condition in the Hood Medical Center. Bliss is emaciated, heartworm positive, she has a traumatically amputated hind leg, likely from an injury. Most pressing, is the enormous 6 lbs. tumor growing on her underbelly. Our team X-rayed the tumor and discovered it is likely cancerous but it has not metastasized into her lungs. X-rays uncovered bb’s lodged near her ribs. Despite her hardships, Bliss is gentle and affectionate, and still has a chance at a full and happy life.

Dr. Kemerling is operating on Bliss today in our clinic at the Texas Humane Heroes Leander Adoption Center. She will remove the tumor that is causing her pain and deteriorating her quality of life. Bliss will need two, possibly three surgeries to restore her health. She will be treated in our medical facility and tended to daily by our veterinary team.

Emergency Rescue Missions like the one that saved Bliss are only possible with the support of our incredible animal-saving donor community. Your gift becomes even more crucial today as we work to save Bliss. She deserves a chance at a full life, free of pain. Your gift today will help make that reality possible for her.

Bliss would do well to recover in a foster home environment, if you are interested in fostering her, or know someone who is, please reach out to

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