Helping Howard

On Friday, June 23, one of our amazing fosters found an abandoned dog in a supermarket parking lot. The poor little guy was confused, sunburned, and badly neglected. Though he was very scared, he clearly trusted our team as we began to assess his condition. After immediately going to work, our amazing veterinary staff was able to determine that he was suffering from mange, ulcerated eyes, and at least one ear infection that seemed to be affecting his balance.

Howard abandoned dog texas humane heroes

We named the little guy Howard, and while we’re optimistic, he has a long road to recovery. Right now, he’s safe and receiving treatment (along with lots of TLC). After everything he’s been through, he’s shown us nothing but love and affection. It’s only because of your generous donations that we are able to save animals like him.

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Update, July 9:

After just a few short weeks, Howard’s condition has improved immensely, and continues to get better everyday. While he is blind, his foster family says that he’s still able to make his way around, find his food, toys, and pee pads, but really wants to do nothing but play.

While he was here for a check-up, he sat in on our daily staff meeting, and loved every second of it. His progress on all fronts has continued to blow us all away, and your donations made it possible.

Click here if you’re able to donate toward helping Howard! 

Update, July 13:

Howard was back once again for his weekly check-up, and he’d grown so much fur we almost didn’t recognize him. Again!

Along with his new fur coat, the swelling in his eyes has gone down significantly, and has much better balance. Which, of course, is all thanks to donors like you!

Update, July 21:

Howard is officially up for adoption!

Howard abandoned dog texas humane heroes

It’s been an amazing journey caring for this little guy, and it was all possible thanks to generous donors like you! Come visit Howard at our Leander Adoption Center, or see all our adoptable pets here.

You can also catch Howard this Sunday, July 30 on Fox 7 Austin!