Lea, Lolo, and Their Mom Layla

born without front legs

Earlier this month, Texas Humane Heroes took in a momma dog named Layla and her two pups. Layla was about about three years old, while her pups, Lea and Lolo, were only a couple weeks. However, there was something special about these two — the puppies were born without front legs.

After being looked at by our veterinary staff, it was determined that even without their front legs, they’d be able to live happy, relatively normal lives!

The three of them are currently in foster together, Lea and Lolo are almost six weeks old and doing great. They push themselves on their back legs while scurrying around on their chests to get around.

While they still have some growing up to do, they’ll need some help getting around once that happens. Right now, we’re looking into getting them some special-made wheelchairs for them to help ensure they’ll be able to live their little lives to the fullest.

Of course, we wouldn’t be able to help these two pups and their mom without your support! If you can, be a HERO and help us continue our mission saving pets from overcrowded shelters across Texas.

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