Help Us Help Jazzy

Jazzy, a five-year-old black dog who had his leg amputated

We’re looking for people to help us help Jazzy. This five-year-old boy first came to TXHH through one of our shelter partners in mid-December. This five-year-old boy wasted no time showing off his sweet demeanor to us, it was clear that his front leg was completely shattered.

This was a serious injury that happened to Jazzy much earlier in his life. Since it was never treated, it never healed correctly. This meant his leg, and the severely matted fur around it, was causing him an immense amount of pain. After our own assessment on-site, we agreed with previous veterinary consensus that Jazzy’s leg would need to be amputated.

Jazzy’s x-ray revealed a serious problem in his leg

While it will take a bit before Jazzy’s acclimated to his new life, we’re more than optimistic about his chances. Most importantly, he’ll no longer be in constant pain. Obviously, the cost of all this was substantial, and we’re looking for HEROES to help us offset these expenses.


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If you’re able, please consider making a donation to TXHH so we can help Jazzy, and continue to give animals like him a second chance at life.