HSWC Hero: Mama, Marie & Laura

Featured Hero: 1st Quarter 2012
Adoption Date:
 November 2011

Their Story: Our caravan of vehicles started the route to Temple on an early September morning. We were off to rescue kenneled pure bred dogs from a puppy mill that had been in operation for years. I was both nervous and excited to be a part of ending their journey as dogs whose sole purpose was only to produce for profit. We approached the property with local law enforcement, just to keep the peace. I saw pen after pen of poodles, chihuahuas, Boston terriers and min-pins. We rescued approximately 77 dogs, with some of them being newborns. I volunteered to foster #22, an apricot poodle with a huge belly, ready to give birth. On October 1st, Mama gave birth to a little apricot boy and a black and white little girl. I raised them to 8 weeks of age, and then it was time to return them all to the Humane Society of Williamson County to find their forever homes. The little boy was adopted by a friend and I was tickled because I knew I could follow his life growing up. Well, I can follow Mama and her daughter Marie’s life also. They were adopted by…ME! They just spent their first Christmas surrounded by family, cuddles and warmth…and lots of toys! This fostering experience gives me peace and satisfaction to know that Mama did not have to give birth in the soil this time and not be all alone. She will never have to give birth again and gets to live out her years playing and nurturing her baby girl. This is the first time a puppy has not been ripped away from her. Mama is 8 years old and has had a hard life, but her remaining years will be filled with happiness, love, hugs and her little girl, Marie.