HSWC Heroes: Mitts, Maddox, Rory & Skyler

Mitts, Maddox, Rory & SkylerFeatured Hero: 4th Quarter 2011
Adoption Date: April 2011

Their Story: Upon my return from Afghanistan, my son, Skyler, wanted to adopt a kitty.  We looked all over the Georgetown, Leander and Cedar Park area.  Finally, we went into the Humane Society office on Crystal Falls.  Skyler fell in love with a little kitty named Maddox.  When they opened the door, Maddox jumped out onto Skyler and grabbed onto him.  I knew we were getting that kitty.  In the same cage, up on the top shelf was Maddox’s mom, Mitts.  She was very calm and just laid there and watched.  When we told the ladies at the shelter that we wanted to adopt Maddox, they explained that the mom, Mitts, had been very ill and all of her kittens had died except for Maddox.  They explained that Maddox could be adopted seperately, but preferred they stay together.  Skyler, who is very soft hearted, looked up at me and said “please dad, can we get them both”.  So, we did get Maddox and Mitts.  They have been a wonderful addition to our family.  Maddox acts more like a dog than a kitten.  He follows us around the yard and is always right by us when we are outside.  He and Mitts will lay by us and watch us when we are out in the yard playing or working.  Maddox also tries to tackle Skyler when he is playing football.  If any small kids or dogs come to visit, Maddox stalks and ambushes them. We couldn’t be happier with the addition of Mitts and Maddox to our family and I believe that they are very happy with us as well.  Thanks to everyone at the Humane Society of Williamson County.  They were very helpful and friendly with the adoption process.