HSWC Heroes: Kora, Marty and Renée

Kora, Marty and ReneeFeatured Hero: 3rd Quarter 2012
Adoption Date: July 2010

Their Story: Hi folks, it’s Marty and Renée and we just wanted to send y’all an update on Kora Faye Crowder, our shepherd mix, that we picked up from y’all on July 22, 2010. Neither one of us had ever been to a shelter to adopt a pet but I decided when Jager, my buddy of 14 yrs, got sick, that our next pet would be from a shelter both for the shelter as well as our satisfaction of helping a dog who could possibly be put to sleep or never find an owner.

Anyhow, I needed a month to recuperate from Jager’s situation but when it came to finding a replacement, my wife Renée went out and did research and found our gorgeous daughter at your shelter and we couldn’t be happier. It only took a few days to realize my wife who was never a dog lover had become a dog lover, and she and Kora were on the right track. Kora seemed to realize in a dog’s way (God had to give them this gift and I love it) that she was, in a way, replacing a home that had already had a previous dog, but she was great with it, and still is.

She greets me, Renée and any other dog or person that comes within her site with a little jump (which we’re still working on) and as much love as a dog can muster. Between me and you, I asked Renée to find a dog she felt she could bond with due to the fact that I could bond with each and every dog I met and if I had the money, would have a shelter myself, and she had her doubts and was never a dog lover really. Well, she called and said she found a dog there so I drove out, took Kora to y’alls personal area, and fell in love with her.

She’s doing great, gained about 8 pounds of happy fat, and is treated as good as any pet there is. She’s not too happy about getting baths in the kiddie tub but we work with her and it ends up that both her and I both get a bath. What really makes me happy is that my wife who was never really a dog lover is in true love with this goofy mutt and I like that. I could adopt every pet y’all got if I had the money so me finding a “replacement” for Jager woulda been easy, but making my wife happy is even better. Thank you for offering Kora and thank you for the many many many things you do for our animals. You are loved and appreciated by many of us.