Meet Coco, Emma, Lightening, Notch & Shelby!

Please note that this post is for information purposes and does not guarantee that these animals are yet or still available for adoption at HSWC. Please check the date of the post and call HSWC for further information on any of the animals.

Meet Coco, Emma, Lightening, Notch & Shelby! If you are interested in any of these puppies, please email Lindsey Thompson at Be a hero…adopt!

This is Emma.  She has a super cute black muzzle and black ears.  She loves to take naps on her momma.

This is Shelby.  She has brown eye brows and a brown spot on her face.  It is so cute against her light grey fur.  She loves to sleep on her back and likes to be cuddled.

This is Notch.  He has a beautiful grey/silver coat.  He loves to cuddle with his brothers and sisters (pictured with Lightening)

This is Lightening.  He loves to cuddle.  We often find him snuggled with his mom.  He has a beautiful brown and white coat.

This is CoCo.  She loves to be held even at this age.  She is the most social of all the puppies.