Meet the Fosters: Mocha, Butterscotch, Ginger, Pumpkin, Snickerdoodle and Cocoa!

Remember Mocha, Butterscotch, Ginger, Pumpkin, Snickerdoodle and Cocoa? You met them and their mom Honey in this post. These little bundles of joy are still in foster, but they’ll be back at the adoption center soon and ready for their forever homes!

Mocha is the littlest of the gang and an explorer! She can be timid, but will stand up for herself with her littermates. If she’s comfortable with you, she loves to give puppy kisses!

Butterscotch is a sweet girl with big emotional eyes. She loves to cuddle up with her people, and is a big couch potato when she’s tired.

Ginger is a sweetheart who is very even-tempered and likes to check in with her people often to make sure she knows where they are. She loves to play but she also really loves human interaction and doesn’t mind being picked up and loved on. Like Mocha, she too loves to give kisses.

The fourth sister, Pumpkin, is a bit sleeker than the other pups, although she has some adorable wrinkles around her face. She’s a very active puppy and will follow you around as you work or play in the yard. She can be a bit shy at first, but very sweet once she gets to know you.

Snickerdoodle is one of two little boys in the litter and is very active and independent. He’s a big, strong boy but also loves to be near his people, especially if he’s a bit nervous. He likes to keep moving, but also doesn’t mind being held when he’s in the mood.

Cocoa is the smaller of the two boys but holds his own against his bigger brother and sisters when necessary. He loves to stay close to his humans and enjoys being held. He especially loves to be cuddled, and will fall asleep on his human’s chest very easily.

All of these babies are good with other dogs, but have not been around cats or children. They all love their Dream bone chew bones. They like to wrestle, chew on sticks and grass, dig, tug, and chase after the bigger dogs in their foster home. They LOVE to play outside and explore or chase down something to chew on. They love their toys of course, and will chase balls and other toys that are tossed.

Any one of them will be a special pet. They have been exposed to a lot of different noises, including airplanes, trash pick up, barking dogs, kids playing, sirens, dropped dishes, and other household noises. They are well on their way to housebreaking as long as they get let outside right away when they wake up and shortly after they eat. They also sleep very well.

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Please note that this post is for information purposes and does not guarantee that these animals are yet or still available for adoption at Texas Humane Heroes. Please check the date of the post and call TXHH for further information on any of the animals.

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  1. I adopted Cocoa now named Sancho back in December. He has been the greatest addition to my family. He is my “Baby Dog”. We recently had a baby and Sancho has decided that my son is his. Sancho also helped us pick out and adopt a dog from a local shelter. I want to say thank you for all you do. Without you I wouldn’t have my best friend!

    1. We are happy to hear that Sancho has been a wonderful addition to your family. Congrats on your baby! Thank you for adopting and please feel free to share pictures and updates on our Facebook account as well!

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