Meet Liam, Lydia and Lewis!

UPDATE!!  These babies have all been ADOPTED!!

Please note that this post is for information purposes and doesn’t guarantee that these animals are still at the shelter. Please check the date of the post, and call the shelter for more information on any of the animals.

These three adorable kittens are currently in foster care, but due back to the shelter soon, when they will be available for adoption into their Forever Home! Be a Hero…adopt!

Their foster family says:

Liam, Lydia, and Lewis came to us a little bit nervous about the world and the people in it, but they’ve all really warmed up to us in the time spent in our house. They all really love being petted and brushed, but even more than that they love playing!


LiamLiam is the calmest of the bunch, with a very zen attitude. He likes to observe the world, resting calmly while his siblings rampage around the room. When he is drawn into their battles, he play-fights with the best of them, but he likes to sit on the sidelines and watch. Liam loves to be petted and will purr up a storm for you the minute you start. He is going to be a big snuggle-bug lap cat, and the person who adopts this beautiful guy will be very lucky indeed!


Lydia is a fierce little tortoiseshell female who thinks furry mice and feathers are some of the most exciting things on the planet. She loves to Lydiaplay with her toys, and loves to play with her brother Lewis. At the same time, though, she absolutely adores being brushed, and once her purr motor starts it is pretty hard to stop it. She’s very soft and fluffy, and is going to grow into a beautiful, green-eyed cat.


Lewis is the biggest of the siblings, but is still a bit on the shy side. He thinks toys are even more exciting than Lydia does, and this is an easy way to interact with him that doesn’t make him too scared. LewisHe gets worried when he is picked up, but if you hold him closely and pet him, pretty soon he’ll relax into your arms like he was meant to be there and will start purring just as loudly as Liam and Lydia do. He especially loves to tuck his face under your arm – it probably makes him feel extra safe, and of course it also makes him look extra cute! He will take more patience than his siblings to coax him out of his shell, but with the love of his humans, he’ll come to be a wonderful, content cat.


These three kittens are due back at the shelter sometime in the next two weeks. For more information, please contact Lindsey Thompson at!