Meet Peter, Franz & Clara!

Peter has found his forever home!

Please note that this post is for information purposes and doesn’t guarantee that these animals are still at the shelter. Please check the date of the post, and call the shelter for more information on any of the animals.

When these kittens were rescued from a kill shelter just a few hours before they would have been euthanized, they were still very young. The three of them were part of a larger litter and must have been well cared for by their momcat because they were in good shape in all ways except for all the fleas.  We got rid of the fleas and then worked on getting them used to eating kitten food. Weaning was very recent, obviously.

Peter (black and white) was always a good eater, but mostly he wanted to play. That is still his favorite thing to do. He plays with  toys, with the other kittens (whether they want to or not), with boxes and paper, with fingers and toes. Often he is loudly purring while running around and playing. Obviously he manages to get some eating done too because he is the big guy of the bunch. If a playful kitten is your preference, he is your guy! (Please note, Peter has already found his forever home!)










Franz is sweet and loves to be petted. He purrs almost constantly and will gladly sit on your lap and stare up into your face while you pet him. He also likes to play, but is a bit intimidated by new objects and noises.  Once he finds a toy he likes, though, he will carry it around.  He had a bit of a hard time learning to eat kitten food at first. When he finally figured it out, he would growl at his litter-mates if they got too close to his food! He has relaxed about that now that they all have plenty of food and purrs while he is eating.







Clara had the hardest time learning how to eat kitten food and she is still the smallest of the group, probably at least partly because of that slow start. She is doing well now and particularly loves chicken kitty food. Now that she is settled down, she is friendly, somewhat playful, and loves to be petted. She purrs a lot and is also vocal in other ways. If you pick her up, she meows. If you do something she doesn’t like, she meows. She is little, but she lets you know how she feels!