Pack Pride: Killeen’s Kind Kendall

Pack Pride

This week’s Pack Pride is highlighting Kendall! Kendall is the Assistant Adoption Center Manager for our Killen location. Easy to remember, right? Kendall in Killeen. That’s not the only thing that’s memorable about Kendall, however. She helps run things over in Killeen and that is no small task. She plays a huge role in helping our animals find their forever home and keeps things running like a well oiled machine. Kendall has only been with us for about four months now and already she has helped over 50 dogs and cats find their forever home.

Before working as Assistant Manager here, Kendall worked with animals in a different way. She worked in animal control for the city of Lampasas’ animal shelter. Kendall has come to love her job in the short time she’s been with us. Her favorite part of her job is, of course, helping animals and meeting all the different people who come to volunteer and help their community.

When Kendall isn’t here helping animals, she’s at home raising her four year old child. Kendall adores her family and spending time with them. Her family also includes some furry and even feathered members. Kendall has a dog, three cats and five chickens. A full house, wouldn’t you say? Kendall wouldn’t have it any other way. It is her dream come true to work and live surrounded by animals.

Now that you know more about Kendall from our Killeen adoption center, be sure to thank her for all her work saving lives! She loves having people visit and volunteer so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be welcomed!