Pack Pride: Meet Our Biggest Sponsor Cedar Park Overhead Doors!

Pack Pride

Cedar Park Overhead Doors is a name you hear us mention many times throughout the year and we would like to take a moment to introduce you to them in this week’s Pack Pride! We’ve been lucky enough to have had Cedar Park Overhead Doors as our largest annual sponsor for two years now, but even before they were a sponsor, CPOD has been donating to our organization since 2008 through event sponsors and our Forever Friends Food Fund sponsor since 2014 which feeds all the animals that come into our adoption program for the whole year. Owner, Don Genier, is even on our Board of Directors and has been for the last two years.

Cedar Park Overhead Doors has competed at this year and last year’s Chili Cookoff and has won the coveted grill both times! We are very glad to see one of our sponsors getting involved in our organization in so many ways.

A recent donation by Cedar Park Overhead Doors was the puppy cam for our Paw Pad. Now anyone can stop by our website and see what our dogs are up to, live 24/7. In the future, Don plans on donating even more cameras for Paw Pad. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get a cat cam for all you cat lovers! Another big way Don helps us is by getting our name out there for people to see. One method to achieve this is to have Texas Humane Heroes get involved at the H.E.B. Center at Cedar Park, including at the Texas Stars games, Austin Spurs games, and at their upcoming NOLA event on April 8th! Our recognition within the local community has greatly increased with the help of Cedar Park Overhead Doors.

Pack Pride
Owner Don Grenier and wife, Karen, at our 2016 Diamonds in the Ruff Gala

When Don first took over the business fourteen years ago, it was a small scale operation but now they bring in more than nine million dollars a year! There have 45 employees and over 30 trucks out at work each and every day. Don’s influence has helped Cedar Park Overhead Doors earn a reputation for itself as offering the most fair and honest garage door services in the Austin area. Even the city of Austin turns to CPOD for all of its police and firehouse garage repair needs.

Now how have we got so lucky to receive Cedar Park Overhead Doors generosity? Don first heard of us and our mission to eliminate pet homelessness after receiving a call to repair one of our garage doors. Since then he has been helping our organization in tremendous ways. Don, a rescue dog parent of two himself, believes the way our adoption centers operate are leaps and bounds ahead of other animal shelters in the area. Our animals are well taken care of, the staff always friendly and approachable, and the adoption process is efficient. These are the reasons Cedar Park Overhead Doors continues its partnership with Texas Humane Heroes. We look forward to deepening this partnership even more and working together to save more lives of dogs and cats throughout Texas. 

Thanks for being part of our Pack, Cedar Park Overhead Doors!