Pack Pride: Taylor, the Ultimate Animal Lover

Pack Pride

If you’ve ever come to visit our dogs at the Leander Adoption Center, chances are you’ve had the privilege of meeting Taylor. Since August of 2017, Taylor has been serving this organization as an Adoptions Counselor. From the moment you meet Taylor, it is evident that she loves two things: animals and her job.

Taylor has always had a passion for animals. Recalling stories from her childhood, when Taylor wasn’t watching Full House, she was sneaking dogs and cats into her closet to hide from her parents. “I was trying to start my own clinic”, she explained, “but once I accidentally brought a raccoon in thinking it was a cat”.  Although she still may not have her own clinic, she has a whole pack at home. Her and her husband Alan have four dogs: Gracie, Solo, The Dean, and Buddy as well as two cats: Grayson and Moo. Gracie, her most recent addition, is actually a TXHH alum that Taylor fell in love with and ended up taking her home.

Pack Pride
Taylor with her favorite adoptable pet– Padme!

Taylor’s very favorite food is chicken and her favorite color is teal. When asked to choose between salsa and queso, she said queso but explained she actually loves both. She’d choose Harry Potter over Hunger Games, even though she confessed to have seen neither sagas. She likes strawberries over bananas, and although she doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth, does love chocolate covered strawberries. If you run into Taylor at the movies, you might catch her eating her favorite candy: Twizzlers. Her favorite movie is Marley & Me (fitting) and favorite show is Parks and Recreation.

Her favorite part of her job is impacting the lives of pets on the daily, which we can all attest that she does well. Her favorite memories from her time here so far are seeing some of her favorite dogs get adopted, like Duke and Zeke. Her current favorite is Padme, whom she is actively trying to find a home. She was recently chosen by our Adoptions Manager to attend a mentorship program that teaches animal welfare staff the importance of dog body language and behavior.

Two words that describe Taylor well are joyful and thoughtful. If you come on over to Leander Paw Pad and meet the hard-working Taylor yourself, you’ll know what we’re talking about.