Purrfect Talker Blog: Safer & Sound– Part 2

Purrfect Talker

Author: Deanna Chesnut, Author, Purrs & Promises

7. During these three days of holiday,
keep your animal secured at all times. Keep their collars and leads on, and keep the lead attached to something so that when the car door opens, or the garage door accidentally flies open, pets can’t leap out before you can grab them. Yes, even in the house and in the car. There are many sad stories of forever-lost pets after accidents, or at “pit stoops,” or when everyone thinks someone else has the animals on a leash.

In cars, keep your animals leashed, and leashed to something e.g., buckled in, until you have control of them. Never leave an animal in a car in a hot climate. They can’t cool themselves by sweating as we humans do. “Hot” doesn’t mean 100 degrees. Outside air temp of 70 F., turns into 89 degrees in 20 minutes. https://www.avma.org/public/PetCare/Pages/pets-in-vehicles.aspx

8. At home, keep your pets in a harness and long lead, with the lead connected to a piece of furniture. Excitement and alcohol can lead to carelessness. If you have company in the house, it’s even better to confine your animals to a quiet part of the house, i.e., a bath/bedroom. Make sure there is access to a “potty” for the purr-ers. Pull the blinds, leave on a nightlight, and play soft music to help mask all the noise. Give them lots of attention before confining them, so they understand it’s not a punishment. Hide a few treats around the room, cuddle them, give them a new toy. Start training with a minimal amount of time,15 mins, then 30, then an hour, etc., throughout the day, even starting up to a week before the big event. From July 3 thru July 5th, keep your animals indoors, as done when there is a storm. Dogs should only be leash walked. Sometimes animals have no problem with thunder and loud noises, and then, for reasons only they know, something will set them off and they will bolt. And you will never see them again.

9. Begin giving Bach Flower Essences Rescue Remedy, or similar, to all pets on July 3rd. Jackson Galaxy of “My Cat From Hell” fame, has a line of essences for cats, also good for dogs, and Bach Flower Essences have essences for animals that does not have an alcohol preservative. Begin putting a few drops of Bach Rescue Remedy in the pets’ water, changing out the water and essences 3X a day, until the fireworks are done and all the turmoil calms down. For essences, consistency is much more important than amount.

9. NEVER allow animals anywhere near fireworks–note: “fire” is part of “fireworks”–and they can cause burns and blindness.

10. For calming dogs, a friend recommended this product Vet’s Best Comfort Calm Dog Supplement. Do not give to cats!  Lavender essential oil can be put on dog beds. (Never give essential oils internally to animals.)

For calming cats, do not use essential oils. Consider getting a plug-in pheromone dispenser, such as Feliway, and keep it plugged in where the cats stay during the 3-day holiday. Give cats some catnip. Most cats will get very excited, but then sleep.

11. Don’t forget–to work off anxiety, pet’s need exercise, reassuring, and watchful attention during this extra fun time. Be sure to check out my Blog #2, The Food’s The Thing for tips on some special cat and dog treats for summer.

Happy Holidays and

Thanks to all the Veterans

who have kept us Safe and Sound!