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Today I went to Costco and…behold! The holiday decorations are sprouting up, heralding another too-busy season, days with even less time to interact with your home-bound pets. What’s a good pet parent to do?

Suggestions: Steal a few of their current toys and slowly re-introduce them during the holidays. Check the $ Dollar Store, etc., for cheap toys from their pet and kid departments. Do a Net search for “home-made toys”—some are as simple as tying strips of material together or tying balls in socks. Stash things in a box as you collect them, and then bring them out again around the holidays when your pets are starved for fun and attention on your down-days. You’ll be prepared even when you are just too tired to think.

My dog knowledge in this area is severely limitedI  Howevr, these look pretty good and easy! http://stories.barkpost.com/3-dog-toys-you-can-make-from-things-around-the-house/

Cats are easier, and I share now my cats’ favorite toys, free or cheap!  


  • Long paper straw, cut in half,
  • Pipe cleaners curled to look like curly fries,
  • Crumple foil into ping pong-sized balls.
  • Plastic rings from bottles,
  • Old shoe strings with knots in the ends
  • Pom Poms and Jingle bells, $1/bag,
  • Crumpled pieces of paper with a treat wrapped inside,
  • Empty a 12-pack carton of soft drinks. Put treats inside and leave it around the house to find, or set out an intact 6-pack box and put a few treats in between the can,
  • Pick up some feathers on your next walk, some small pine cones, a sprig off a mint plant, or acorns, (No grasses with spikey heads on them though., i.e., foxtail.)
  • Hair bands and pony tail rounds, (Don’t ever let them play with rubber bands.)
  • Loosely wad up a sheet of tissue paper–they love the crinkle sound,
  • Small Jell-o size boxes–leave an end open, put in a bit of kibble,
  • Some cats like old envelopes; they make confetti out of them, bite x bit,
  • Cat nip for special occasions– sprinkle on a carpet (before cleaning and let them roll. (monitor if 2 or more cats, they can get revved up and try to fight)
  • Bottle caps, caps off pens, old toothbrushes,
  • Leave paper grocery sacks open on their sides, throw a new toy or a treat inside, (NO plastic sacks unless you cut the handles in two.)
  • Avoid: Spongy things, Styrofoam, anything splinters, slivers, brakes off in tiny pieces,  can be chewed off, and stringy things they could swallow- Leave a few worn socks or soft bedroom slippers laying around
  • Q-Tips.  
  • Get baby socks, stuff them with cotton or tissue paper, add some cat nip, and tie the sock tightly and well at the top,
  • Hide ‘n’ Seek…you hide a different kind of kibble around the house instead of calorie heavy treats.


That’s it for the “cheapies.”