Ready Fur Love: Lollie’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love


February 22, 2018


Alrighty, let’s do this! I’m Lollie and I am a gal who loves to keep busy. I don’t want to waste my days napping and being lazy. My days need to be filled with excitement and adventure! I would love to have someone tag along for the ride. The only thing is, you gotta keep up with me. I am not the dog for a couch potato. In my dreams, I’ve been brought home to a family who loves to hike and go camping together. Speaking of family, an active mature couple would probably be best as my energy can be too much for the little kiddos. As for other dogs, I do not like being kenneled near others but once I’m out and free I do a lot better with others. So basically, you, my potential future family member, should already be living an active lifestyle and are looking specifically for an energetic canine companion.

Sorry if it seems like I’m over selling the high energy bit, but it is very important that my adopter knows what to expect from me. There is much more to me than just my energy level. If you’ve got treats, I will be the sweetest dog ever. I have a few tricks up my sleeve like sit and shake. My greatest talent is my jumping abilities. I have been compared to a frog before and not just due to my high jumps. When I sit, more often than not, my legs will sprawl out just like a frog! Pretty cute, right? So cute that you feel compelled to get in your car and drive to Texas Humane Heroes in Leander in order to get a better look at me! Come on, you know you want to. And I want you to, too! I look forward to seeing you!