Ready Fur Love: Elvis’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

Well hey there, I’m Elvis. I’m five years old and by far the coolest guy here!

First things first, I want to get to know you, but the fence that separates us on the adoption floor really throws off my groove! Ask one of the staff people if you can take me out to the yard or on a walk or just sit with me on the bench out front! I’m a totally different dog out of my kennel.

Now, I’m a smart guy who picks up on things quickly (especially when treats are involved); I already know “sit,” “stay,” “lay down” and “you’re free!” I also know how to go into crates! One of the cool volunteers here has been working with me, helping me better these manners.

That same volunteer who has been working with me actually fostered me for a bit! I lived with his family and other dog for a while, observing what they did to get the delicious treats and learning how I should behave. I’m not making any promises like I’m going to be the perfect dog right when we enter your house, there’s always going to be a short adjustment period, but I’m ready to keep learning!

Before I came to Texas Humane Heroes in December, I was in a home with another dog. We got along great. I was on medication for a skin allergy at the time, but I’m happy to report that I no longer need that medicine, and simply eat grain-free food now! I also lived with a new baby and was just fine!

I wouldn’t say I’m too picky with my future family, I don’t mind kids, but I do want to note that like many dogs out there, I don’t want to be charged at or jumped on, so well-mannered kiddos would be preferable for me!

I really am a good boy, and I would love if you would give me a chance! Come meet me, I’ll be sure to charm!