The Dogmom Diary: To The Dogdads Out There

The Dogmom Diary: To The Dogdads Out There…

Today is Father’s Day and I of course must take a moment to recognize all of the dogdad’s out there, including my boyfriend Nathaniel Boomer.

Boomer has always been pretty patient with Bruiser. I know it has to be a process gaining a pretty stubborn dog while building a relationship with its human owner. I’m so grateful they make it work!

My favorite moment to watch is when Boomer gets home from a long day at work. He sometimes takes a seat on the couch and tries to unwind for a minute. Bruiser takes this opportunity to jump to the top of the couch then stretch down until he’s right on Boomer’s chest and ready for cuddles.
As if the cuteness level in the house wasn’t high enough, adding Drifter to the family really took it up a notch.

Let me just say, there is nothing that can replace seeing a grown man with his very own dog sidekick. I say sidekick because if it were up to Drifter, Boomer wouldn’t go anywher without him. Drifter loves riding in the truck, hanging out at the shop and going to the job sites with his dad.

Drifter absolutely adores Boomer and the feeling is mutual. I’m so happy the two of them hit it off so well. Now I feel Boomer really understands how and why I’ve cared for Bruiser like I do as he now has that same feeling for Drifter.

I seriously could go on and on with how much these furbabies love Boomer. BUT, I can save some of it for later. Until then, I hope all the dogdad’s have a lovely day filled with a ton of puppy kisses!