TXHH Heroes: Alice and the Benskin Family!

Featured Hero:  1st Quarter 2015

Adoption Date: July 2013

Their Story: My husband and I were married in 2010, and at the time we were both still in college. We lived in a tiny little apartment and I dreamed of the day that we would finish school, move, and get a dog to complete our little family. We moved to the Austin area in late 2013. As a part of our “getting settled” I set out on a quest to find us a dog before we both started our respective jobs. A home is not a home without a dog after all.

I went to several shelters and humane societies in the area and just was not finding “the dog.” The first time I tried Texas Humane Heroes they were closed, and full of anticipation I went back several days later. I entered the “puppy pad” area and saw my Alice from across the room and knew, before even getting there, that I had found my dog. She was wedged in between the kid pool and the little enclosure that surrounded her so full of puppy energy and personality. I called my husband and my sister and I sent him pictures but he was still not convinced. The wonderful staff helped me put a temporary hold on her while I went and got Daniel from work. I was bubbling the whole way with him back to the shelter.

Sure enough when we got there her playful brown eyes and puppy breath won him over. The real kicker was when he picked her up she licked his face. Like I said, personality.

A year later, Alice has been on many adventures with us. We take her everywhere we can. She has met Koi fish in Zilker Botanical Gardens, climbed enchanted rock, swam in lady bird lake, walked with dinosaurs, and is set to run in the 5k coming up with us to benefit the wonderful organization of Texas Humane Heroes. I am forever grateful to TXHH for giving us Alice and I anticipate many more adventures with her in Wonderland.