Adventures of Chloe and Oscar: Cat Toys and Tricking Pets to Take Their Medicine

Adventures of Chloe and Oscar: Cat Toys and Tricking Pets to Take Their Medicine


It’s been another couple of eventful weeks in my household with the locals (Chloe and Oscar). In my last blog post, I shared how Oscar was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. He was being such a good sport taking his thyroid medicine every day that was hidden in a treat. Then… on Saturday… he just decided that he wasn’t going to have anything to do with the treats and had no desire to comply with taking his medicine. This is obviously a problem because he has to take it every day. So after a lot of frustration, Oscar getting mad at me and me getting mad at Oscar, we were both exhausted but he took his medicine.

When Oscar gets mad I like to refer to him as Oscar the Grouch because he is in fact very grouchy and has a fairly strong stink face, etc. So out of desperation I called the vet because I didn’t know what else to do. It came down to two options… go out and purchase a pet pill gun or try the alternative thyroid medication. The alternative thyroid medication is not the route I wanted to go because it was exceptionally expensive. So I went out and found this pill gun. It has to be one of my favorite inventions at this point. It worked so well I had to question whether or not the pill went down his throat (it did). For now I’ve avoided having to go a step up on the thyroid medication. I’m really hoping he doesn’t catch on to these methods and remains oblivious.

While I was at the pet store, I also discovered that Jackson Galaxy had his own line of cat toys(My Cat From Hell). I enjoy watching his show because I find it informative. I remembered him talking about how cats need an outlet for their energy and that is so true for Chloe. Although she has always been an indoor cat, she thinks herself a fierce hunter as she struts around my apartment. I personally think it just makes her more adorable verses a fierce hunter. Anyway, she’s been getting bored and I haven’t found where she and Oscar have their toy hoard. Because she likes to chase things, I found this toy that had some feathers at the bottom and it was connected to a string.

I’m pretty sure this toy is her new best friend. She would sleep with it and carry it everywhere with her if I didn’t put it away to make sure she didn’t destroy it. She just looked so excited about the toy and did not want to stop playing with it. I’m sure my neighbor will be thrilled about the thumping from her leaping and jumping at this toy trying to cat it. Oscar wasn’t as excited about the toy. He likes batting these little pompom toys around on the floor. It’s this exact reason that I can no longer find any of their toys. They’ve put them away for safe keeping.

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