Ready Fur Love: Buttercup’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Buttercup’s Dating Story

As pretty as a flower, Buttercup is appropriately named. At a mid and mature age 4, Buttercup can party hardy at Houston Carnival but not in a childish way like a kitten. This is why she makes the perfect queen for the festival. Like most female felines, Buttercup enjoys being pampered. In-home spa days are something she is a big fan of. She is friends with all of her roommates and hasn’t met a person she doesn’t like. Girls gotta stick together! But if the man of her dreams walks through the door, she will be ready to drive off into the sunset, too.


Buttercup has a rough past but it doesn’t stop her from seeing the future in a positive light. She knows that the rough times are only temporary and there is someone, or even a whole family, who will love her for the rest of their days. Is your garden needing some color? Buttercup will brighten up your life!


How do you like to spend your Saturdays?

“My favorite way to spend a Saturday is having an in-home spa day, then turning the house into a disco! We can start the day mid-morning with a delicious breakfast like Fancy Feast, then get massages. I love head massages and ear scratches. Then after, we can sip refreshing catnip water while bird watching. When the night comes, we can dance the night way and use the lazer pointer as a disco ball! Once that red dot is going, I just don’t stop! That’s how I like to spend my Saturdays.”


What are you hoping to get from your next relationship?

“I am hoping to get forever with my next relationship. I’ve had a few temporary ones and I’m not interested in that anymore. I want a home that’s permanent and a family that’s mine. I keep my tail up, I know that my family is out there. You can’t rush it though, otherwise you will just end back up where you started. Forever takes time.”


What is your life motto?

“’You have to fight through the bad days, to earn the best days of your life.’”