Adventures of Chloe and Oscar: My Bed and the Cats

Adventures of Chloe and Oscar: My Bed and the Cats

It’s been fairly quiet the last few weeks with the locals (aka Chloe and Oscar). Oscar’s thyroid still isn’t quite balanced but I’m hoping with a higher dose of medicine he’s going to be back on track. The pet pill gun that I bought is still one of my favorite inventions ever and I’m so thankful he hasn’t caught on to what is actually happening when I give him his medicine twice a day. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. He’s been spending his days taking naps in the sun, and still trying to coerce treats out of me. This weekend is the first weekend I’ll be out of town and having someone else give him his medicine. Keep your fingers crossed he takes it peacefully.


Over the past few weeks, one thing I have noticed is that Chloe and Oscar are becoming increasingly obsessed with my bed. Now, I have a super comfy bed which has brought many nights of good sleep. I think the cats have caught on to this particular benefit and now want to cash in on the deal. The only problem with this is that sometimes a queen bed is not big enough for one human and two cats. Some of you might be thinking, “But surely this is enough room?”. I wish that were true, but these cats like to spread out. Chloe alone can take up half the bed when she spreads out. Oscar….he is far more awkward

about his approach. It’s hard to really even describe it but he “lurks” on the bed. This means he waits for the most opportune moment and then slips in to his preferred spot. Sometimes this spot is right where I plan on sleeping.

He still doesn’t quite understand that the bed is primarily mine and that I tolerate a symbiotic relationships that exchanges cuddling for bed space. Needless to say, it’s a work in progress and both cats have lost their bed privileges when they can’t behave and I get a nice impromptu 3:00 a.m. wake-up call when they decide to sing me the song of their people.  Do you have a pet with funny sleeping habits or bedtime rituals?

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