Ready Fur Love: Al’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Al’s Dating Story



June is over by the summer is just beginning! This week we have a dog that all the babes would love to see walking down the beach in a Speedo. Al is a fun fellow who loves life! He is eager to meet new and friendly faces, and enjoys the company of people and pooches of all ages. He is super smart and you can often find him sitting in a lap or with his nose to the ground, sniffing out the best smells. When it comes to looks, Al is a perfect 10. He has an awesome underbite that no one can seem to resist. Men and women alike can’t help but fall in love with his toothy smile.


Not only does he have exceptionally good looks and a manly physique, but he also has brains to match! Al is super smart and already knows sit, but is ready to learn more! During the summer, his favorite activities include heading to the dog park and bringing the party. If he isn’t running around with his friends, you might find him taking a dip in the pool to cool off. While he is a social butterfly, you will always be the main squeeze in his life. Meet your new summer love, Al!



How do you like to spend your summer holidays?

“I like to spend my summer holidays with everyone I know. Having all my friends and family around guarantees having the best time ever. We can grill hot dogs and eat lots of delicious food, then hang by the pool or go boating on the lake. I know humans like to watch those loud, bright things that shoot up in the air, but that’s not really my thing. Maybe we can go to a drive in movie instead or hang on the couch.”


Describe your perfect date.

“Well, I do like hanging out in groups, but when I’m feeling romantic, One on one time is better. We can go on a hike and stop and play in some streams or have a picnic lunch. I love affection so sitting on your lap while you give me belly rubs sounds like a great way to spend a date. In return, I will look up at you with loving eyes and my toothy smile, and give you a big smooch.”


What’s your favorite pickup line?

“To go with the theme of 4th of July: ‘You have the right to bear me in your arms.’”