Ready Fur Love: Ryder’s Dating Story

If you’re into the rugged, masculine type, then we got the man for you! Meet Ryder, he’s a lean, mean, athletic machine. Minus the mean, of course. He’s a rough and tumble guy that can keep up with the best of them. He is happiest when he is outside, hangin’ with Mother Nature. Ryder likes to run, swim, sniff, chase a bird or two, or wrestle with a friend. Pretty much anything athletic or manly and this guy is in. While he may seem like a rough-around-the-edges type of guy, he’s actually just a big ol’ softy at heart. He loves people of all ages and all he really wants is someone to scratch his ears and maybe on occasion his belly.

Black dogs get some rough luck when they end up homeless. They often get overlooked and passed on but really it’s those people that are missing out! Ryder is looking for someone to give all of his love to and hopes to get it in return but first he’s gotta meet the right match. Are you looking to give a pup down in his luck a chance? Meet Ryder!
How would you spend your perfect weekend?

I think the best kinda weekend would be going campin’. Nothin’ is better than being out in the fresh air, smellin’ trees and bushes, swimmin’ in some water tryin’ to catch a fish or two for dinner, running in a big open field, tossin’ the ball around, that’s the good life. I’d love to spend every weekend like that, and it doesn’t matter if it’s with my new mom, or new dad, or even the whole dang family, just as long as I’m with family.
Describe your best feature.

“Welp, I think I’m a pretty good lookin feller. I’m in shape with a great body, got a friendly face, and I think the perfect size for someone lookin’ for a manly dog. I’m also a nice guy! Now how many people can say that? I’m still workin’ on my manners but I can put a smile on anyone’s face, that’s for dang sure. I’m just waitin’ for someone to come and give me a chance. I’m gonna lay that charm on real thick and then they won’t be able to resist.
What’s your biggest motivation?

There is a lot of people with the same interests as me so I know there is the right family out there somewhere. Every dog has his day, I’m just waiting for mine.