Ready Fur Love: Billy Jean’s Dating Story

Billy Jean is just a girl that says you’re the one! But unlike the Billy Jean in Michael Jackson’s song, this girl isn’t trying to pin her baby on you; instead she wants to be your baby! At five years old, Billy Jean ain’t got time for all that baby mama drama. She is just ready to be pampered herself and is looking for that perfect family. There are many unique things about her, the main one being she has no teeth. Dental hygiene wasn’t on her side and unfortunately the doc had to yank every one of those suckers out. She is totally okay with having a toothless grin, though. It leaves her only being able to eat wet food (which tastes better anyways), and with her tongue hanging out- but let’s be honest, that’s adorable.


Billy Jean is a very happy girl that loves affection. She will start purring at the first pet and her happy feet are always making biscuits when she’s getting a good ear scratch. When you think she’s had enough pets, she will let you know you thought wrong and will follow you for some more lovin’! If you think a happy girl with a toothless grin will give you butterflies and rock your world, then Meet Billy Jean!


You won a lifetime achievement award. What did you do?

I won an award for being strong. I had a rough year with not feeling well and having to have my teeth removed, but I knew I could make it through it and I did! Now I can make other people feel good by showing them love and rubbing against their legs and hands.


What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday?

I like spending my Saturdays relaxing and taking it easy. I really enjoy looking out windows and seeing people, birds, and bugs flying by. I enjoy taking strolls around the house and seeing what’s new and find new hiding spots. Slow and easy wins the race and that’s how I plan on winning the race of life!


What’s your favorite quote?

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” I had a rough beginning but I believed it would get better, and it did. I believe I will find the right family, and I know one day I will.