Ready Fur Love: Duke’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Duke’s Dating Story

You may remember this stud of a dog, well he’s back for round two of TXHH’s “Ready Fur Love” to show off his new found talents because he knows girls only want guys who have great skills. For the past 6 weeks, Duke has been in a K9 Nose Work training class sponsored by Capitol Dog Training Club of Austin held at Dog House Drinkery. This class has taught Duke how to follow his nose and to track the scent he most desires- food!! The class has also given him the confidence to problem solve on his own and allowed him to hang out with some pretty cool cats! Um, I mean dogs. With his nose to the ground, nothing can stand in his way of finding true love now! Here he is again, your boy, the Duke of Snuggles, Duke!


What was the most important thing you learned in K9 Nose Work?

Well, I wasn’t a very confident dog. I depended highly on other canines and looked to my handler for guidance and confirmation I was doing the right thing. This class has taught me to be more independent and to learn how to problem solve for myself. While it’s nice to be handed treats, the challenge of having to find them on my own is fun and exhilarating! I hope my new family wants to keep this training going, it is a fun game to play on rainy days. The confidence boost is what I really needed.


What was the hardest thing about K9 Nose Work?

As the weeks went on, the search got harder and harder. The hardest times were when we had to find the treats outside. There wasn’t anywhere for the scent to collect to make the smell easier to trace. Plus, there was a lot of distractions like new dogs walking up to the dog park, humans, and cars coming and going. Sometimes it got a little overwhelming. When that happened, I wanted to give up but my handler and the trainer knew I could do it and would guide me back on track. I really appreciate their encouragement and support because after a few minutes I would  find it!


What is the best thing about K9 Nose Work?

The treats!! I loved the treats! Especially when I was given BACON! Bacon treats are my favorite, they are so delicious. Sometimes my two handlers would bring some that were not so good (I really don’t like salmon flavored treats, just for future reference.), but other people who were in the class brought their fur babies really tasty treats and decided to share with me, which is good ‘cause I wasn’t gonna work for nothin’! I also really enjoyed meeting new dogs. I have lots of friends at the adoption center but it’s always nice to make new friends. I became really close with two dogs named Stanley and Zoe! They were nice and really good at finding the hidden treat. I hope I get to see them again someday.

Be sure to watch my video here to see clips of what I learned!