Brady Dogs Rescue Update

Brady Dogs Rescue Update

Texas Humane Heroes was contacted in April by Critter Shack Rescue to assist with a hoarding situation in Brady, TX. Four TXHH team members traveled to Brady to pull the dogs from the poor living conditions. When we arrived, our team noted emaciated and flea and tick-ridden puppies and adult dogs. The living conditions were unsafe and unhealthy. The animals were not altered and many suffered from medical issues including seizures and heartworms.

What our team thought was going to be 35 dogs turned out to be 49, including pregnant females and puppies so young they needed foster homes.

TXHH safely found space in their vans for all 49 dogs, and one dog in particular left a lasting impression. Alex, was so emaciated and severely dehydrated that he needed fluids on the spot. He was weak and suffered from hair loss. His condition was so fragile that we didn’t know if he would survive the trip.

Our team headed back to the adoption center to provide vaccines and a safe and clean environment for the scared dogs to rest. For days and weeks following, we prepared the dogs for adoption into their forever homes.

Today, 6 months after the rescue, we’re excited to report that Alex has found his forever home, and he was adopted with one of his best friends also rescued from Brady, Big Truck! Here’s what their new family had to say just days after their adoption:

“They are doing great! We love them so very much. They’re still quite shy but getting better every day. They love to run and play in the yard. Alex loves ice…smiles. They love to cuddle up on their pillows in the laundry room. They don’t like to be too close to people yet especially at bed time. I allowed them to roam the house to see where they would be comfortable settling down and that is where they chose. They love to go on walks to the dog park. They like to be held too. Their best friends are Teyrra and Javonni my grandchildren and each other. Alex will not move unless Truck does too. They were so afraid of everything when they came home that I didn’t think they even knew how to bark but yesterday I heard them bark for the first time. And now they’re even wagging their tails.”[/symple_box]

Of the 49 dogs, plus countless puppies born after the rescue, only 3 of the dogs from the Brady rescue still need a home, but that means they’ve been living in a shelter environment for 6 months, so it’s their time to find love.

Washington here! I’m a friendly fellow that will greet you with a pleasant greeting and warm smile. I’m waiting to receive heartworm treatment, but once that is complete at Texas Humane Heroes, I’ll be ready for extended play time and fun with my friends and family!

Be a Hero… Adopt ME – Washington!

Hi, I’m Chipper! I’m a hip hound looking for a pad to call my own! I’m still getting used to being around all these new people, so don’t let first impressions worry you. I’m still learning how awesome people really can be. I would sure love to be your loyal Fido!

Be a Hero…Adopt ME – Chipper!

Hi, my name’s Amos! I’m a happy, carefree, sweeter-than-a-cookie pup. My life wasn’t so great before coming here but you wouldn’t know it when you meet me! I love my toys and the yummy treats people give me. I have dog friends here too and we have so much fun! Will you be the one to help me gain confidence and be the best pup I can be?

Be a Hero…Adopt ME – Amos!

If you’re interested in learning more about Washington, Chipper or Amos, please email