Ready Fur Love: Cattywhompas’ Dating Story

Remember the name Cattywhompas? How can you forget a name like that?! This girl is back and ready to get serious about finding true love! Since the last time, she has really blossomed and has shown her true personality, which is just as beautiful as she is! Catty loves people and is the first to seek out some lovin’ and some scratchin’. She enjoys the great outdoors from the safety of her catio and is a firm believer in cats being the best pet out there.


Sadly, Catty has been with Texas Humane Heroes since March and it’s a real head scratcher as to why. With her love for people, great manners, and being friendly with other cats, what more could you ask for? Cattywhompas is a pretty laid back girl that is ready to go with the flow with the exception of one thing- Dogs. She is not a fan of dogs and can’t comprehend how people can be. In her previous Read Fur Love, there was a chance that she may find one that could win her over but now, she is realising there’s no changing her mind on this one. This social girl is ready to find her purrfect partner that wants to live the cat lifestyle. Meet Cattywhompas!


What is the best way to spend a Saturday?

I enjoy spending the days out on the catio when the weather is just right! When the air is a nice 75 degrees, it is just calling my name to come and sun myself. I like watching birds, so if that’s a hobby of yours we’d be a perfect match and can sit and see how many different types we can spot.


Describe your perfect family.

My perfect family is one that likes to play but still likes to just hang out. They won’t mind hanging out on the couch and scratching behind my ears or giving nice pets. They will play games with me or sit in front of a window and bird watch, but most of all, they will think dogs are just as crazy as I do and how life is so much simpler without them.


What is your favorite quote?

“Cats rule and dogs drool.”