Ready Fur Love: Vista’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Vista’s Dating Story



Vista is a beautiful sight for sore eyes. She is loving and sweet and an all around a great girl. While she may show a bashful cheek when you first meet her, she is eagerly looking for the perfect person (or persons) to show her how exciting life can be all the time! Vista is hoping for a quiet living environment so she can adjust to a new lifestyle and learn more about her new bestie. She is looking for someone who is slow and understanding and their smile puts her at ease.


While she’s a sensitive soul, there is one thing that she loves to do- run. She is very fast and feeling the wind in her face is the feeling of freedom. It’s when she really shows her Heerler genetics. Daily games of fetch in the backyard would be a dream come true for her. After a day of backyard marathons, she is excited to curl up on the bed and get some belly rubs. If this girl sounds like the perfect balance of fun and relaxation, then Vista is the right girl for you! Meet Vista!


What was the best gift you have ever received?

When I came to Texas Humane Heroes, I was really scared. I’m shy and can get overwhelmed when all the dogs start barking and strange people come to my kennel. The nice people at TXHH gave me a kennel to go into when I get scared. It makes me feel safe and secure, I know nothing bad will happen to me when I go in there. It helps they also gave me some soft blankets to snuggle up with at night, so that is just the Milkbone on the puppy sundae.

I was also given another gift that I really enjoyed. I was outside one day when I noticed my teeth were feeling a little gritty. I’m not a fan of dirty teeth, so I knew the only way to solve that problem was to chew something. My stuffed toy wasn’t cutting it so I picked up this rock. I didn’t like it, it was hard and tasted pretty bad but my teeth weren’t going to clean themselves so I figured I might as well give that a try. A staff member saw me and replaced that stinky old rock with a DELICIOUS long meat stick! It was like a dream come true! It was good to eat but hard enough to make it last all day! She called it a Bully Stick? I thought that was a weird name since bullies usually are mean and make people sad but this made me so happy! They should change the name of the dirty rock to“bully.”


What is the best way to get to know someone?

I don’t believe in love at first sight. I need time to get use to someone. It would be nice to meet my family a few times before they take me home, or maybe spend some extra time walking around or playing in the yard. Then we can play fun games and I can tell you all about myself and you can tell me all about yourself! I just don’t want to rush anything. I want this to be forever.